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Established in 2010, Arcitor® specializes in equipment for goalkeepers and is present in several countries. 

In less than a decade Arcitor is already recognized for its excellence in the manufacture of goalkeeper gloves and is available in some of the biggest retailers in Latin America. Founded in the United Kingdom and with branches in Brazil, our products are worn in several professional leagues. It is our aim to provide the best value for money, allowing goalkeepers at all levels to wear professional materials.

Comfort and passion are a major part of our glove’s design. All models were tested and adapted to satisfy professional and semi-pro goalkeepers around the globe. Our current range offers a large variety of cuts and colors, with a bold or simple design... we have gloves for all kinds of goalkeepers!

Arcitor has already built a reputation for quality and performance since the introduction of our first gloves to a selected group of goalkeepers early in 2010. Using the finest materials available, we have produced well-fitting goalkeeper gloves with outstanding value for money, a product affordable to any level of the game.

There has been tremendous progress in the development of goalkeeper gloves over the past decade. Our factory has invested to develop special materials to enhance grip and durability, to provide better finger protection, comfort and the grip when catching the ball in all weather conditions.

Our goalkeeper gloves are available worldwide with fast and secure delivery. Buy now!

Arcitor® is a registered trademark under number 2593293

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